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2005 Compass Rose Geocoin
The Compass Rose

Compass Rose Geocoins®

Compass and Compass Rose coins (winning photograph in the Compass Rose Geocoin 2007 photo contest

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Micro Compass Rose Geocoin®

The Compass Rose Geocoin concept

The Compass Rose Geocoin was first developed in the summer of 2005. This series is a tribute to compass navigation before the age of the GPS. The designs used are based on actual compass roses used on sea charts, land maps, and compasses before the GPS was developed. Sometimes we have added a little geocaching flare to the design.

It was also to be a new kind of trackable geocoin available to the geocaching community when a large selection of trackable geocoins were not as readily available. However, in the midst of the first production run, the limitations on trackable geocoins were lifted and a flood of new geocoins came into the market.

Some people have confused the intent of the Compass Rose Geocoin concept as that of a design competition; however, this is not true. Its concept was born to pay tribute to the navigational achievements of our world explorers, travelers, surveyors, and cartographers who used the compass to navigate and provide accurate maps of the world.

How To Get Yours

The Compass Rose Geocoins® and Navigation Geocoins are manufactured and distributed by You can also find them at some of our distributors' stores.

The Compass Rose Geocoin series is only available at certain times of the year. Join the mailing list to get notified of when sales are taking place.

The Compass Rose
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