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2005 Compass Rose Geocoin
The Compass Rose

Compass Rose Geocoin® 2008

The Compass Rose Geocoin 2008

The Compass Rose Geocoin for 2008 features a Portuguese compass rose used on a 1539 map documenting the exploration of the South American coast line. It also features Ferdinand Magellan's ship Victoria used to circumnavigate the globe in 1519-1522. The compass rose image used on this coin was originally created just after the era of Magellan's exploration.

Magellan used a route taking him from Spain, across the Atlantic Ocean, then turning south along the eastern coast of South America, through the straight of Magellan (named for him after his death) near Cape Horn, and on to the Philippines. The back of the coin features the Southern Cross constellation in the sky behind Magellan's ship signifying one of the major constellations used when navigating in the southern hemisphere.

Magellan was not able to complete the circumnavigation himself, because he perished in the Philippines during a tribal dispute. He also did not intend to circumnavigate the earth. His intentions were to find another route to the Spice Islands and return in the same direction if feasible. It was his Spanish Navigator Juan Sebastian El Cano who took command after Magellan's death and made the decision to sail back to Spain by way of the Indian Ocean and around Africa. Of the five ships which started in the expedition, Victoria was the only vessel to complete the journey.

  • Size: 1.75" diameter
  • Coloring: Translucent and solid hard enamel colors
  • Platings:
    - Antique bronze
    - Antique silver
    - Antique copper
    - Antique silver outer ring with antique bronze centers.
    - Polished gold with polished nickel centers.
    - Limited edition black nickel with polished nickel center on back (60 minted).
    - Limited edition polished gold outer ring with antique bronze centers (21 minted).
    - Antique copper with an amber color theme for my daughter Amber Rose (2 minted).

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2006 Compass Rose Geocoin series front sides
2006 Compass Rose Geocoin series backsides

Sales for this coin took place during March 2008..

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A special thanks to the artist YemonYime who assisted with the design of this coin.

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The Compass Rose
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